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Do you want to live a longer life or do you want to live a long & healthy life?

Do you want to add years to your life or life to your years, or both?

If you want to be as healthy as possible, for as long as possible, call east west naturopathy 0419 095 361 today about the wellness and healthy ageing program!

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Everybody wants to make the most out of life, however, many people are not sure how to go about it.  The most proven way to accelerate your life’s potential is to nurture the healthy ageing of the body.  Ageing well is a process and it is for everyone.  It is made up of each and every activity of your life.  To optimise your body’s ability to stay as youthful and active as possible, you must actively contribute to the healthy ageing process.  Whether your aim is to recover from illness or to simply increase your age potential, the Wellness and Healthy Ageing Program is a key step.


The sooner you participate in the Wellness and Healthy Ageing Program; the sooner you can start to turn back the clock.  If you want to ensure your life is long, fruitful and filled with vitality and energy, talk to East West Naturopathy today about what steps you need to take to live the life you most desire.


EWN can assist you in understanding more about how your body is ageing, and how you can keep it in balance to live well into old age.  The first step will be to complete a comprehensive questionnaire that relates to every area of health & ageing.  There are some additional indicators of health and ageing that can be assessed by EWN to evaluate exactly how well your body is coping with the ageing process.

EWN will look at biomarkers such as overall muscle mass, muscle quality, blood integrity, blood pressure, blood glucose, blood cholesterol, bone density, hydration status, Body Mass Index and body fat percentage to help determine how old your body really is – and then help you reverse it!

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