Your Unhealthy Perception of Food Is Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Your Unhealthy Perception of Food Is Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

By Nicole O’Neill

You’ve been trying to lose weight.

You cut out the carbs and upped your protein, only to have a massive chocolate and chip binge on the weekend because you ate salad all week. You busted some moves at the gym and drank lots of water and green tea, before drinking three glasses of red wine afterwards.

It’s no surprise you haven’t seen any results.

This isn’t the first time you’ve tried to lose weight. You’re a seasoned pro. You’ve lost all the weight before only to put it back on again in the blink of an eye.

Everyone says, “You are what you eat”, and that is true. 80% of your weight loss is all about your diet.

But here’s the thing: your weight loss isn’t working because you’re sabotaging yourself because of your unhealthy perception of food.

Here’s how:

You think food is your enemy

You divide your food into two categories of “good” and “bad”. But here’s the thing: food is more complex than that. You’re setting yourself up for failure if you think of food in such simplistic terms.

For example, everyone suffers from dietary fat-phobia. While fats have more calories per gram compared to protein and carbs, unsaturated fats are important for cardiovascular health.

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You try to give up on your favourite foods forever

Any weight loss program that demands you give up your favourite foods forever is not sustainable and is flat out ridiculous.

What’s the point in being fit and miserable?

You might go well for three days without your favourite chips or chocolate, but once those cravings kick in and you cave in, you’ll be eating those foods and more!

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You don’t know what kind of eater you are

Are you an emotional eater, stress eater, or comfort eater?

Knowing and understanding the kind of eater you are is important in tackling your unhealthy perceptions of food.

You give up on food and turn to meal replacement shakes

Meal replacement shakes work for a short time. They can help you lose the weight, but they can’t help you keep off the weight. Even worse, because they can leave you feeling hungry, they can further sabotage your weight loss by making you put on more weight if you decide to have cheat meals.

Meal replacement shakes aren’t sustainable for long-term weight loss. No one can survive on them forever. They aren’t going to give you the skills to learn how to eat and how to maintain your weight in the long-term.

They also contain too much added sugar and are low in protein and fibre.

Your unhealthy perception of food shouldn’t stop you from reaching your weight loss goals

What if there was a way to think of food as your friend, not your enemy?

Our Weight Loss Program is a healthy lifestyle program that empowers you to lose weight and keep it off for life by tackling your unhealthy perceptions about food.

Our Program uses real food. This means no pills, shakes, bars, frozen meals, or supplements.

Our Program does not think of food as “good” or “bad”. We focus on the nutritional value of the foods you eat and the amount of food you eat.

No one wants to be fit and miserable, we want you to be fit and happy. That’s why our Weight Loss Program gives you room for a delicious treat of your choice every day.

Keeping the weight off for life also means tackling your eating habits. Our Weight Loss Program arms you with strategies to pinpoint your eating triggers and how to overcome them.

You have nothing to lose but weight, and at East West Natural Medicine Group, we are with you every step of the way.


Your weight loss journey shouldn’t be a struggle because of your unhealthy perception of food. Our Weight Loss Program arms you with the tools to lose weight and empowers you to keep off the weight for life. Contact us today at 1300 00 WELL (9355) to kick-start your life changing weight-loss.