The Information You’ve Been Given About Natural Medicine is a Lie

The Information You’ve Been Given About Natural Medicine is a Lie

By Nicole O'Neill

Natural medicine places an emphasis on prevention, treatment, and optimal well-being through the healing powers of Mother Nature. It is a gentler and non-invasive way of treating your symptoms and conditions without any harsh or harmful side effects.

But what you’ve been told about natural medicine is wrong.

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about natural medicine in our society. Since I am passionate about debunking myths about natural medicine, I thought we’d take a closer look at some of them.

Myth 1: Natural medicine is not scientific/evidence-based

There has been a move by Natural Medicine Partitioners in recent years to combine science with natural medicine.

We are big believers of science and the healing powers of Mother Nature here at East West Natural Medicine Group. Therefore, my practice mixes both passions to create effective evidence-based natural treatments for you.

By using pathology tests, I can get to the cause of your symptoms and/or condition and treat it accordingly.

The tests also resonate with two of the six core principles that guide me as a Natural Medicine Practitioner:

1. I identify and treat my clients’ disease or condition.

2. I treat the whole person, not just their symptoms.

Myth 2: Natural medicine is only for people with alternative lifestyles

The natural medicine industry and community is made up of people from all walks of life.

Do you value preventative and effective medicine that purposefully treats your condition without any of the harmful side effects that pharmaceutical products offer? Congratulations, you are part of the natural medicine community.

Natural medicine isn’t just for people who live alternative lifestyles…it is for everybody.

Photo by Peter Žagar on Unsplash

Myth 3: Natural medicine is all a money grab

To be fair, this seems to be a reasonable assessment of the natural medicine industry. I’ve had clients come to me complaining about how they had to spend hundreds of dollars in fees to see their Natural Medicine Practitioner, only to also spend hundreds of dollars on lots of medications!

Unlike other Natural Medicine Practitioners, I am minimalistic and transparent in my approach to natural medicine. I have carried this approach to my practice at East West Natural Medicine Group.

How am I minimalist and transparent?

  • I offer a minimal but extended number of consultations.
  • I am not a product pusher. By using pathology tests and breaking down your condition to the bare minimum, I’m able to prescribe a small number of medications that specifically target the issue being treated.
  • All of your prescribed medications are sold directly from the wholesalers without the mark-up. This means the business gets zero profit!

By doing this, I save you both time and money, so you can focus on getting better!

Myth 4: Natural Medicine Practitioners are not as good as doctors

There is a perception out there that Natural Medicine Practitioners do not have qualifications and know less about the human body than a doctor. This is not true.

Natural Medicine is a licensed profession. In Australia, Natural Medicine Practitioners are accredited and regulated by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority (AHPRA).

As a Natural Medicine Practitioner, I was taught about the anatomy of the human body and diseases, biochemistry, chemistry, pharmacology, and natural medicine. While I and other Natural Medicine Practitioners may not have the same societal standing as doctors, we are not in a lesser position than them or less intelligent than them.

Just like doctors, I and other Natural Medicine Practitioners are always up-skilling and training ourselves to make sure we remain on top of our field, so we can continue to provide the best possible service to our clients.

Myth 5: Seeing a Natural Medicine Practitioner is just the same as seeing a doctor

When was the last time you were able to have a good conversation with your doctor without feeling like you were just being rushed through the process?

Many people find their doctor visits too sterile, impersonal, and rushed. They see their doctor for a quick fifteen-minute session, before they are given a script, and shuffled to the pharmacy to collect their medications. Sometimes, they themselves do not even understand why they are being prescribed a certain medication, what it is supposed to be doing for their body, and any side effects the medication may have.

Experiencing this disconnect first hand as a patient and a medical student was what inspired me to choose natural medicine.

Seeing a Natural Medicine Practitioner is a different experience to seeing a doctor.

Even though I offer minimal consultations, every consultation is an extended one. This means I take the time to know you and build an intimate relationship with you. I do not view you in terms of your symptoms, conditions, or illness; I view you as an overall person.

Education is a large part of my role as a Natural Medicine Practitioner. I take my time to educate you about your condition and your pathology tests. When I prescribe your medicines, I also educate you on how to use it and how the medicines work. This means you are never in the dark or confused about what you are taking.

Unlike most hospitals, the East West Natural Medicine Group’s clinic is warm, cosy, and intimate. I believe the healing process should start from the moment you enter the premises, not just when you sit down for your appointment.


Contrary to what you’ve heard about natural medicine, natural medicine does work. Are you curious about what it can do for you for your health and well-being? Give the East West Natural Medicine Group a call today at 1300 00 WELL (9355) to have a chat and book your appointment!