Natural Medicine

We combine laboratory testing and the healing power of natural medicine to help you achieve and maintain optimal health and well-being.

Natural medicine is a gentler, non-invasive way of helping you, without the harsh and harmful side effects of pharmaceutical medicines.

Our Natural Medicine Practitioners are guided by the six foundational principles of natural medicine:

1. We believe in the healing power of nature.

2. We do no harm by choosing the most non-invasive and efficient treatment for each of our clients without any harsh side effects.

3. We identify and treat the underlying cause of diseases and conditions.

4. We view each and every one of our clients as an educational opportunity.

5. We treat the whole person, not just their symptoms.

6. We believe prevention is better than cure, and so we focus on overall health, wellness, and disease prevention.

However, we believe that the secret to effective natural medicine treatment and optimal health is through the combination of western herbal medicine and conventional medicine. This is why we offer evidence-based, natural medicine treatments.

Our areas of specialisation are

  • Hormone disorders: Peri-menopause and menopause, Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS), Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), male menopause (Andropause), thyroid disorders, fertility disorders, insomnia, and adrenal fatigue.
  • Metabolic syndrome: High blood pressure, high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, and obesity.
  • Mental health: Anxiety, stress, and depression.
  • Food intolerances: Eczema, psoriasis, skin rashes, acne, and digestive disorders.
  • Digestive system health: Leaky Gut, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis, and Coeliac disease).

Why do we use pathology tests?

Pathology testing is one of the features that sets us apart from other natural medicine clinics. Pathology tests investigate your functional, biochemical, nutritional, metabolic, and hormonal status. We find the tests incredibly useful if you have been experiencing long term symptoms or conditions that challenge normal diagnosis and medical treatments.

By using pathology testing, our Natural Medicine Practitioners are able to create a customised and effective treatment plan for you, without the time consuming and expensive trial and error process most Natural Medicine Practitioners use.

Pathology tests

Our consultation process

Initial Natural Medicine Consultation (30 minutes) $110

Your initial consultation is a chance to touch base with our Natural Medicine Practitioner. We spend the first thirty minutes discussing your condition, your medical history, and what you have tried in the past to relieve your condition.

From there, we decide on the best pathology test for you and for your condition.

We educate you as to why we have chosen a specific test, and we instruct you on how to do it. We give you your pathology test kit to take home with you, and you collect the specimens in the privacy of your own home before sending it to the pathology clinic for testing.

Pathology Follow-up Consultation (30 minutes)

We review the results of your pathology test before you arrive.

During your consultation, we discuss the results, your treatment plan, and prescribed medications.

Everything is ordered directly through the wholesalers and to your door within 24-48 hours (depending on where you live).

Third Consultation and Fourth Consultation (30 minutes)

A month after your second consultation, we do a third consultation to see how you are going with your medications and treatment plan.

Your fourth consultation occurs two months after your third consultation. This consultation is the most exciting consultation for both you and us because you will begin to start seeing changes in your health and will begin to feel much better.

During these two consultations, we also keep you accountable by making sure you are following the treatment plan, so you can get the best results.

The consultation also allows us to maintain and monitor the effectiveness of your treatment plan.

Fifth Consultation (30 minutes)

Your fifth consultation happens two months after your fourth consultation. We like to call it a ‘Resolution Consultation’ because we usually see an 80% to 100% resolution of your symptoms. 

Do you know we also do consultations via telephone, Skype and FaceTime?

Our clinic is not bound by geographical location. Telephone, Skype and FaceTime consultations are no different from our face-to-face ones! The only difference is that we deliver your pathology test kit to your doorstep after your first consultation. Everything else is smooth sailing from there.

Are you suffering from any health conditions? Maybe you have spent years seeing a doctor without receiving relief from your symptoms? We offer a natural treatment approach based on evidence.  Book your appointment with our Natural Medicine Practitioner today! 

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