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General Health Assessments


The measuring of breath. It is the most common of the pulmonary function tests.

Visual Acuity Test - East West Naturopathy Baldivis RockinghamVisual Acuity Test

This test measures how well you see at various distances. It is the familiar eye chart test.

Otoscope Examination East West Naturopathy Baldivis RockinghamOtoscope Examination

An instrument for examining the external canal and tympanic membrane of the ear.

Auscultation East West Naturopathy Baldivis RockinghamAuscultation

The action of listening to sounds from the heart, lungs, or other organs, with a stethoscope.

Palpation East West Naturopathy Baldivis RockinghamPalpation

A method of clinical examination using gentle pressure of the fingers to detect growths, changes in the size of underlying organs, and unusual tissue reactions to pressure.

Flexibility Test East West Naturopathy Baldivis RockinghamFlexibility Test

A non-invasive test used to determine how flexible you are.

Thermometry East West Naturopathy Baldivis RockinghamThermometry

The measurement of body temperature.




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