Energy & Crystal Healings

Energy & Crystal Healings

Are you ready for a soul-deep transformation?

We offer a variety of holistic healings for your mind, body & soul.

Extraordinary Meridians Healing

Experience the treatment of eight Extraordinary Meridians, a unique ancient Taoist healing system. Specific crystals & stones are placed on acupressure points to open your soul records. Gain clarity on your true purpose, improve your relationships & experience a soul-deep transformation by releasing old patterns, past traumas & pre-conditioned beliefs.

Crystal Healing

Experience the Magic of Crystals!

Crystals hold the power to heal your body & soul. During your treatment, crystals are placed on & around your body. Universal energy, sound bowls, chimes, rattles, essential oils & visualisation form part of your healing process.

Energy & crystal healings balance your chakras & allow energy to flow through your meridians. Feel empowered, connected to your higher self & the Universe!

Benefits of our energy healing treatments:

  • Relieves symptoms of physical ailments
  • Relieves stress & anxiety
  • Promotes soul-deep transformations by releasing old patterns, traumas & beliefs
  • Clarity on your true purpose
  • Improves your relationships with yourself & others
  • Improved energy, vitality & overall wellbeing
  • Induces a deep state of relaxation
  • Calms & repairs the nervous system

Our Energy & Crystal Healings

60 minute NEW CLIENT OFFER Extraordinary Meridians Healing $65

We welcome all new clients into our clinic with this introductory healing price.

60 minute NEW CLIENT OFFER Crystal Healing $65

We welcome all new clients into our clinic with this introductory healing price.

60 minute Extraordinary Meridians Healing $85

60 minute Crystal Healing $85

Do you feel unbalanced physically, emotionally, or mentally? Energy & Crystal healings work to restore & realign your body’s subtle vibrations. 

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