Natural Medicine & Remedial Massage Clinic

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Clinic Vision

To develop a small locally owned business into an innovative leader in the integration of Western Herbal Medicine, Complementary Therapies and Orthodox Medicine servicing the residents of the Southern suburbs of Perth.

We want to change the way people think about Natural Medicine by removing the stigma attached to the Natural Medicine Industry & change the minds of those people who consider Natural Medicine a medical alternative to Orthodox Medicine.  Having created a symbiotic relationship between Western Herbal Medicine and Orthodox Medicine to produce evidence-based, safe, natural & effective treatment plans clients will receive quality treatment based on scientific evidence.

We want to lead the way and encourage practitioners of Natural Medicine to support their treatment plans through evidence based Medical Science.

We will use the latest cutting edge functional pathology tests to pinpoint health deficiencies then, help clients understand the underlying cause of symptoms from their pathology results.  We will explain the treatments in full & ensure clients understand the expectations of their treatment plans.

We want to remove the stigma that Natural Medicine supplements are expensive and over prescribed.  We will prescribe products at wholesale prices (0% profit) to help clients afford & maintain the prescribed treatment plans.  

We will save our clients’ money & time by prescribing a minimal number of supplements to achieve maximum results with minimal follow up consultations.  We want to remove the stigma that follow-up consultations are frequent & excessive; a stream lined 4 phase consultation process has been devised to facilitate this vision.

Trust between practitioner & client is paramount.  Trust will be fostered on the quality of the consultation, & the results of the treatment plans, by monitoring clients through follow up appointments.

We want to create an integrated multi-modality clinic to service the southern suburbs of Perth.