Natural Medicine & Remedial Massage Clinic

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Clinic Mission

EWN is a small independent locally owned business designed to provide clients with the best treatments in the integration of Western Herbal Medicine, Complementary Therapies & Medical Science in the Baldivis and Rockingham areas.

We integrate the healing powers of Mother Nature with the evidence of Medical Science (pathology tests) to create a symbiotic relationship between Western Herbal Medicine and Orthodox Medicine to help clients achieve optimal health and well-being.

We use the latest cutting edge functional pathology tests to help clients understand the underlying cause of their symptoms.

We provide individually tailored natural medicine treatment plans based on functional pathology results.

We aim to prescribe natural treatment plans that have no harsh side effects.

We prescribe superior Practitioner Only Australian Products that have been quality tested.

We aim to treat clients with minimal consultations using a 4-phase consultation process to save clients’ money & time.

We sell products at wholesale prices to save clients money.

We want our clients to achieve optimal health and well-being.

We will dedicate ourselves to this quality approach, while prescribing wholesale priced products, to ensure the best outcome for clients at minimal expense and time.