East West Natural Medicine Group is a locally owned, independent, and service-based natural medicine and remedial massage clinic, nestled in the suburb of Baldivis.

East West Natural Medicine Group was founded in July 2015 because of our dissatisfaction with the mainstream medical model and the trial and error approach taken by other Natural Medicine Practitioners. We were finding that:

  • People had tried natural therapies in the past and had no relief from their conditions. Instead, they paid hundreds of dollars in fees from frequent consultations with their practitioner.
  • The cost of natural medicines was extremely expensive with people paying an average of $400-$700 a month on supplements.
  • People were being asked to return to their Natural Medicine Practitioner every two weeks for follow-up consultations without understanding their condition and seeing real results.

We wanted to help people understand why they were experiencing their current health symptoms and we wanted to show them that natural therapies can help them heal when combined with concise and thorough pathology tests.

We are a clinic without the clinical feel. Instead, we offer an intimate and private healing space for our clients to feel rejuvenated and restored.

Our Mission

Our mission here at East West Natural Medicine Group is simple: we want to change people’s perceptions of natural medicine one client at a time through an evidence-based practice.

We are passionate about debunking myths.

We take the ‘alternative’ out of natural medicine. Many people think natural medicine does not work. They believe it is all about expensive supplements and unconventional ideas. But we know that natural medicine does work when combined with medical technologies such as pathology tests. See our reviews

We are evidence-based.

Understanding our clients’ pathology is the very first and most important step in getting their conditions under control and effectively treating it. By using pathology, our treatment and results are evidence-based. It also eliminates the trial and error approach most Natural Medicine Practitioners use, thereby saving our clients lots of time and money.

The pathology results help us to provide an individual, effective, and well-tailored natural medicine treatment plan without the harsh side effects. We also explain the treatments in full and ensure our clients understand their treatment plans.

We save our clients time and money.

Unlike the mainstream medical model and mainstream natural medicine model, we are minimalistic in our approach to helping our clients.

We do not focus on fixing everything; instead, we break any problems and conditions down to chunks and work on the most important thing. We offer a minimal (but extended) number of consultations to save our clients time and money.

We are also minimalistic in terms of what we prescribe. Because our practice is evidence-based, we do not prescribe lots of medications. Our prescribed medications are based only on pathology and all prescribed products are sold at wholesale prices, which means we get zero profit. Doing all of this ensures the best outcome for our clients at a minimal expense and time to them.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop our small, locally owned business into an innovative leader in the natural medicine industry. We also want to grow and expand both our business and our vision to other parts of Australia.

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