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East West Naturopathy is a locally owned and independent Natural Medicine clinic nestled in the suburb of Baldivis.  The business provides integrated solutions for optimal health and well-being, using a unique approach, and is registered for provider status with health funds for Western Herbal Medicine.

Straying from the traditional model of devising Natural Medicine solutions, the business has adopted an ‘evidence-based’ approach to administering prescribed supplements and herbal medicines utilising functional pathology tests.  These pathology tests help to identify the underlying causes of a clients symptoms and remove the ‘trial & error’ that many Natural Medicine Practitioners use.

The East West Naturopathy culture was harvested from an intense passion to help people understand why they were experiencing their current health symptoms and to show people that natural therapies can help them heal when applied with a functional medicine test.  Even we have been astonished by the effectiveness of this approach and so the business tagline was born:

“Integrated Solutions for Optimal Health.”

We listened to the complaints of many people who had tried natural therapies and found there were three common complaints:

1.  Many people that had tried natural therapies in the past had no relief from their ailments;

2.  The cost of natural therapies was extremely expensive (the average person was paying approximately $400 to $700 per month on supplements prescribed by their practitioner); and

3.  People were being asked to return to their practitioner every two weeks for a follow-up consultation without understanding the reason for frequent follow up consultations.

An Initial Consultation with East West Naturopathy is approximately 1 ½ hours.  Spending quality time with clients in order to listen and empathise, is essential for trust and rapport between practitioner and the client as the path to self-discovery and healing is paved.  The clients’ health concerns will be the core focus in the Initial Consultation.  Choosing the most effective treatment plan will be discussed at length and the best treatment plan will be formulated accordingly. Clients are encouraged to make decisions about their treatment plans only when they feel they understand what they are about to embark upon.


1.  First Consultation – If a client is presenting with menopause symptoms or PMS, the client will be asked to submit to a saliva hormone test before prescribing any supplements.

2.  Second Consultation – This is quite often very exciting for clients because they can see results for their health concerns that they have been dealing with for in some cases a very long time.  The results of a clients  functional medicine test/s are reviewed by their practitioner before they arrive.  Once in consultation, the results of the functional medicine test/s, & the relevant treatment plan, are comprehensively discussed with the client to ensure full understanding & expectations.

3.  Later Consultations – Client follow-ups at 2 months, & then 4 months, are required after administering the initial prescribed treatment plan.  This is to maintain the quality of, and monitor the effectiveness of, the devised treatment plan.  Clients will not be expected to follow-up every two weeks.

It is very rare that a client will leave the first consultation with prescribed supplements.  East West Naturopathy is not about prescribing supplements to overcome health concerns unless indicated & supported with functional medicine testing.  All supplements, once prescribed, are sold at the wholesale price (i.e. zero percent profit) to ensure clients can afford & maintain the prescribed treatment plan.  The treatment plan is monitored at two and four months to ensure quality and effectiveness. This process, combined with wholesale priced products saves a lot of money.  These are significant points of difference when compared to other natural medicine clinics.  Clients will develop the confidence & trust that East West Naturopathy is not trying to sell products every month because it is a source of income, and that makes the quality of the consultation the key focus for the business.

You will not pay $400 – $700 per month as a client of East West Naturopathy.

Our business model has been put together with a passion for debunking the myths and stigma attached to the Natural Medicine industry.  The fusion of traditional Western Herbal Medicine & its principles of nature to heal, combined with Orthodox Medicine & principles of scientific testing to reveal the underlying cause of symptoms, helped us create East West Naturopathy.

Many clients have sought the services of East West Naturopathy to improve their current state of health and achieve optimal health & wellbeing.

We will change the way you think about Natural Medicine!

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